Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Road Less Traveled......

Yesterday was so beautiful.... Gotta' love Callie's Bi-Polar weather.  One minute it's freezing cold and the next minute it's sunny and bright.  Well I decided to dress Bi-polar right along with the weather.  I put on a fall hat and dress.  Yeah! That’s right.... I also put on some fall tights and shoes.  I've had this awesome dress hanging in my closet forever and since the weather was too warm during fall, I am wearing it today!
I am taking the road less traveled (wait do you notice a theme here?  There are suitcases on my dress!) and wearing fall clothing in spring.  

Ladies, don't conform to anyone's standards be yourself.  Be an individual...  Always take the Road Less Traveled...


Outfit Ideas:
Hat:  ModCloth
Dress:  ModCloth
Earrings:  ModCloth
Belt:  Borrowed from Another Dress
Purse:  Vintage Thrift Find
Tights:  ModCloth
Shoes:  Chelsea Crew Maxin (Click Here To Get Your Pair)


  1. I love your style so much! Everything you put together is splendid :)

    Love, Bunny

  2. I love this dress! I've actually got it on my Wishlist. I adore shirtwaist dresses.. I think it's perfect on you!

  3. Thanks Bunny. Glad you enjoy being here.

  4. I hope you get a chance to buy it Merry. It is awesome.

  5. This dress look so great on you!! What a cute print & outfit, as usual! :)


  6. Thanks Bristol. I've had it since it came out on ModCloth website but the weather never permitted me to wear it. I finally just put it on to walk the dog.. lol! Thanks for stopping by.