Sunday, April 20, 2014

Before the Rooster Crows!

Today is a special day for me.  Not only is it Easter but also today is a day that floods my memory with fond memories.  Memories of getting up before the roosters had time to crow. Memories of spending months practicing for the church play of the crucifixion.  The youth in the community took part in the play and even the youngest had a part.  On Easter Sunday, we would gather at the church for sunrise service... This service always started with the play.  Then we would have a huge breakfast.  And I am talking about the works y'all... Remember, I am from the Deep South.  After that, we would have Sunday school followed by the children of the church saying "speeches".  After that, the pastor gave the message. Everyone was always dressed in a new Easter dress or suit.  Easter baskets filled the back pews of the church, but ma'am never let us take ours to church.  As a child, I never understood why, but as an adult I knew she was trying to teach me that Easter was not about candy and goodies it was about the message that was being taught at the front of the church and not about that basket at the back of the church.  What fond memories Easter brings about.

I now try to bring that same sense of joy to my children. We would dye the eggs; get the pretty clothes, and baskets.  However, one thing that is taught above all and that is Jesus is the reason for Easter.  When my children are grown with kids of their own I want them to remember Easter and have fond memories but I want it all to come back to one thing and that is the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Outfit Ideas:
Dress:   ModCloth
Purse:  ModCloth (Swap Group, Thanks Maya S.)
Earrings:  Handmade by Tiffany S. (If you are interested let me know)
Petticoat:  Pin Up Bootique (Bettie Page Brand)
Shoes:  ModCloth Miss L Fire
Stockings:  Calvin Klein

Twins Outfit Ideas:
Jacket:  Nautica
Shirt:  Ralph Lauren
Bow Tie:  Hand Sewn By Ma'am
Pants:  Ralph Lauren
Shoes:  Florsheim Kids

Daughter's Outfit Ideas
Dress:  Hand sewn by Ma'am
Earrings:  Handmade by Tiffany S.
Petticoat:  Pin Up Bootique
Tights:  Gymboree
Shoes:  Vintage
Purse:  Gymboree

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  1. Aww! You and your daughters Easter dresses are Devine!