Friday, April 11, 2014

Sew... Do You Like What You See?

When you look at another person what do you see:  clothing, shoes, smile, or nothing at all.  When I look at another person, I try to see past the entire exterior and look at their inner beauty but who am I fooling, I see what is on the outside.  Like the big scissors on my dress, I wish I could cut that vanity out of my mind and focus on inner beauty... It is in us to first look at a person’s outer appearance then their inner beauty.  Contrary to popular belief, present yourself in a certain way.  Otherwise, your inner beauty may not be able to shine.  For me that means, ALWAYS A LADY!  My mom taught me that principle and I will teach it to my daughter.

Sew... Do you like what you see?


Outfit Ideas:

Earrings:  ModCloth
Dress:  ModCloth (Heel Athens Lab)
Handbag:  (Disaster Designs) - it's actually a make-up case
Tights:  ModCloth
Shoes:  Zulily

Yes, I was giddy in this dress!

What I am trying say (hehehe, my lips) is I highly recommend both Disaster Design
and Heel Athens Lab Brand... Get them on ModCloth since they are not USA

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  1. What a unique and darling purse! Glad you are feeling better! Mama's just can't afford to get sick! Merry from,