Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So many choices went through my mind when I tried to pick out shoes for this beautiful dress.  And my mind stared to think about the choices my children face in their daily lives.  

I am often asked, "How do you get your children to practice their piano for an hour every day?" or my favorite "How do you get your children to behave so well?"  Ah, they have no other choice.  

In today's society, we give our little ones so many choices.  It's unbelievable!  Now don't get me wrong, my kids are inundated with choices... they have every game system available, their closets are full, they have Ipads, a library that is better than their schools, but some choices are not theirs to make.

I have compiled a list.

1.  Worship - A child is not old enough to understand, research, or know anything about NOT serving God... my kids will worship, serve, and go to church... NO DEBATE!
2.  Clothing - Modesty.  My boys will not sag, drag, or hang.  My daughter will always be a lady, just like Mommy.
3.  Lessons - All lessons (piano or others) are treated just like school.  We are neither quitters nor fakers.  You will not waste 1.  Your teacher’s time.  2.  Your parent’s time.  3.  Your time.
4.  Food - You will try what is on your plate.  Your palate is forever changing, just like your mind and body. What you dislike today you may love tomorrow.  The 3-tablespoon rule.
5.  Behavior - You will act appropriate in public.  If you do not we will leave immediately.  No negotiations. 
6.  Respect - 1.  Respect yourself 2.  Respect others 3.  ALWAYS RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!
7.  Bedtime - 9 pm on school nights and 10 pm on weekend NO NEGOTIATIONS
8.  Dinner Time - We eat as a family
9.  Golden Rule - Treat others, as you want to be treated.  And the seeds you sow are the crops you will reap.
10.  Lying - MOMMY HATE LYING! - do not lie to your parents under any circumstances; they cannot help you if you lie.  No matter how bad a situation is DO NOT LIE, we love you and will work it out.
11.  Brothers & Sisters - They are your family always have their back
12.  Sister - Twins do not ever leave your sister alone, if you are playing outside with her or with her, you make sure you know where she is at all time.  You are her protector.

I know many of us give our children freedom, choices, and let them find their own way but I was raised old school and I hold true to those values.  Proverbs 22:6 says it best, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I often tell my children, "If you guys would just listen and follow the directions that were given to you and not argue back you could rule this nation, you could the wealthiest children in the world."  My kids look at me with wonder in their eyes and say why and I say, "You would have all my knowledge and mistakes and my parent’s knowledge and mistakes, and her parents knowledge and mistakes and so on... But that will never happen because you kids think you know it all” My daughter just said, "Oh, I get it!

The choice is up to you parents!  Just like it was up to me with the shoes... I think I like the wedges the best.  What about you?


Shoe Choice #1

Outfit Ideas:
Dress:  ModCloth Enchanted Afternoon Dress (Click here to get yours)
Hair Candy:  Pin Up Bootique
Bangles:  Swap Group (thanks Tianna F.)
Shoes:  Poetic License
Sunglasses:  Mall Booth
Earrings:  Handmade by Tiffany S.
Petticoat (you can't see it):  Pin Up Bootique

 By the way, my children often give me a choice on my dresses because I tend to want to dress a little young and they choose this dress.  This was odd because the twins never chose a backless dress for me.

Shoe  Choice #2

Outfit Ideas:
Purse:  ModCloth (no longer available)
Shoes:  Poetic License

Shoe  Choice #3

Outfit Ideas:
Shoes:  ModCloth (no longer available)

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