Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday 8-31-2013


Outfit Ideas:

Hat:  Pin-Up Bootique
Shades:  Stand in Moreno Valley Mall
Shoes:  Iron Fist
Clutch:  Iron Fist
Stocking:  Calvin Klein
Earrings:  Modcloth (Free)
Dress:  Modcloth
Lipstick:  Sephora

Daughter Outfit Ideas:

Dress:  Gymboree
Hair Barrette:  Gymboree
Purse:  Gymboree
Shoes:  The Childrens Place
Tights:  Gymboree
Earrings:  Gifted

Twins Outfit Ideas:

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren Polo
Tie:  Nautica
Belt:  Ralph Lauren Polo
Pants:  Lands End

Note worthy:  I am partial to Ralph Lauren and Lands End due to the quality.  I buy directly from the company. 

Red Lipstick is Always Fun!

If you don't have a girdle in your wardrobe get one.  It is a necessity to tweak your looks.  Also look for bengaline fabric or 4 way stretch fabric.  It will hug your curves.

Off to a piano recital for my kiddos have a blessed Saturday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sock Hop Susie!

Flopsy Is Not Amused

What a fun outfit.  I love all the texture, patterns, and color.  Not only was Flopsy (my shoes) not amused,
my husband was also not amused.  He did not find my shoes amusing.  But he did
get a laugh out of my outfit choice and those belly laughs makes life worth living!

Outfit Ideas:
Hair Candy:  Walmart
Earrings:  So old I can't remember
Dress:  Modcloth
Crinoline Slip:  Bettie Page
Shoes:  Irregular Choice
Old Fashion Panty Hose:  Walmart
Lipstick:  Walmart Revlon Colorstay Non-Stop Cherry
Look on my husband's face:  From The Heaven's

Note worthy:  The bunny on the shoes are hand painted.  Those are the details you look for in your choice of shoes and clothing.

Irregular Choice Flopsy blue 767267

My Twins Outfit Ideas:
Shirt:  Ralph Lauren Custom Fit
Tie:  Gap
Belt:  Ralph Lauren
Pants:  Lands End 
Loafers:  Tommy Hilfiger

My Daughters Outfit Ideas:

Dress:  Gymboree
Purse:  Gymboree
Shoes:  Gymboree
Tights:  Gymboree
Hair Clips:  Gymboree
Yes, Mommy love Gymboree

Happy feelings in the air.  Touching people everywhere.  Spreading love and everything.  Listen to the people sing.  Friday is here.  My babies is will be out of school for the weekend and New Life Sunday is only a couple of days away for our Church Yipeeeeeee!

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Remember God loves you!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free your mind and the rest will follow.....

Thursday 8-29-2013

I am often approached by the women and sometimes men at my church about my choice of clothing.  My style is all over the place.  Quirky, vintage, retro, modern, you name it!  I describe my taste as "Free"  I start my outfit with my shoes first (usually) and then my mood.  Friends be free to style yourself, don't let society style you.  Have fun with your clothes.