Friday, May 16, 2014


While putting on this dress today I thought about how the butterflies represented my life as a mother.  You may ask what does a butterfly and a mother have in common? Change!

Before I became a mother I was consumed with, "self" well my husband and myself.  My decisions, my finances, my work schedule, my thinking, my words, err' thang!  However, once I had children like the butterfly I went through a period of change.  My life transformed into a beautiful creature ready to awe the world. Blogger's out there with children have you changed?


Outfit Ideas:
Headband:  Thrift
Earrings:  Vintage (Thanks Cassie T.)
Dress:  Zulily ( get yours here)
Belt:  Pin Up Bootique
Petticoat:  Pin Up Bootique
Shoes:  ModCloth (no longer available)
Purse:  ModCloth (no longer available)


  1. What a cute dress!! Looks beautiful on you. And it looks sooo nice with the petticoat!!

  2. Thanks Bristol... I have this same dress but in a different print. Got it from ModCloth. How are ya? Thanks for dropping in!