Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Old Love....

Dear old love you were so chivalrous.  Now, I expect other men to be the same, and I am disappointed every time.

The line above came from a book called Dear Old Love.  It contains notes to former crushes, sweethearts, husbands, wives, and ones that got away.  Thanks Jen C. for an awesome gift.

That particular note stuck out the most because the art of treating a woman like a woman is gone.  A man confuses "Woman Lib" with common courtesy.  As a mother of twin boys, my mission is to teach them that art.


Outfit Ideas:
Blouse:  ModCloth (click here to get yours)
Skirt:  ModCloth (click here to get yours)
Hair Candy:  ModCloth
Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell Sock Hop
Socks:  ModCloth (click here to get yours)
Sunglasses:  Mall Booth
Book:  Gifted (click here to get yours)

Jenn C. this was the best book ever!


  1. Amazing outfit!!! You look so beautiful, as always. Love the 50's style head to toe.
    I've been thinking of getting that skirt for awhile now, and your outfit is really making me want to go ahead and snag it! :)


  2. Bristol. Thanks for the compliment. I loved this skirt from the moment it came out. All I can say is get it before it's sold out. It is one nice piece and for that price! You can't go wrong. Oh, it's lined. This skirt is the cat's meow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Be blessed!

  3. Darling! Love the whole look, the sunnies are perfect :)

  4. Thanks so much... RC! It's a fun outfit..

  5. Found you on Modcloth gallery and love your style!

  6. Found you on Modcloth gallery and love your style!